Say hello to Portabl ID

3 min readFeb 23, 2023

It’s a big week for us at Portabl!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our public beta for consumers — get your Portabl ID today and take your first steps toward using reusing your trusted identity across your favorite apps, communities, and payment methods.

Get your Portabl ID today —

Portabl is on a mission to simplify trust and access across users’ financial lives. How? Reusable identity that grows and moves with them, with fine-grained controls over what’s shared and when. Right now, our financial identity and reputation is stuck in our apps — fragmented, out of sync, vulnerable. We can’t take our data with us, let alone control how it is used and shared.

94% of our early adopters, subscribers, and interviewees have all said the same thing: their most desired identity superpower is to self-aggregate their information and manage everything from a single tool — to both read and write.

Starting today, you can set up a reusable, verifiable core identity that will work across providers with interoperability, data minimization, and privacy intact. Our approach to packaging data as secure, verifiable credentials is a lot like passports and stamps. Users control their passports and sets of stamped data inside; any time data is re-shared successfully, the verifier issues a stamped copy as a response . “Stamped” data moves with the user via Portabl, and FIs can offload worrying about normalizing, storing, and transferring consumer data in a secure manner. Today we’re custodial, and have self-custody in the works.

These are our first steps toward normalizing personal data ownership in the open finance context — after all, the best user-permissioned data is also

  • user-owned
  • composable
  • cryptographically verifiable.

We’re excited to lean into those qualities to enable people to build a financial identity that “just works” and reshape the possibilities for fast, secure account origination, fraud and PII protection, and #perpetualKYC through user federation.

Over time, we want to make it painless to reuse and build a trusted financial identity across unlimited apps as simply as using “Sign in with ___” or collecting stamps in your passport. When it’s time to reverify something, confirm once in Portabl, and securely publish that update anywhere it needs to go.

Want to get your Portabl ID in under 3 minutes? All you need is valid ID document and quick selfie to generate an encrypted account. We don’t have access to this data; all of it belongs exclusively to you and only accessible through your Portabl Passport.

We are on track to ship some pretty cool stuff in the coming weeks for both consumers and businesses.

We’ll be back with a longer piece about the state of user-permissioned data and what it means for perpetual KYC plus a special announcement.




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